Rabu, 18 November 2009

KL International Cat Show @ The Mall

berdebar menunggu giliran...
lilly dinilai....

akhirnya menang 8th HHP-Best Cat

dinilai lagi...2nd ring

menang lagi 8th Best HHP-2nd ring

wow...serius nyer judge nie...3rd ring

tak sangka sangkut lagi 5th BEST HHP- 3rd ring

last ring...masih lagi dinilai....

wow... 10th BEST HHP - 4th ring

rimas nyer banyak ring....hehehehe

selesa dengan kemenangan yang diperolehi...

Khamis, 5 November 2009

Cat Friends of ASIA 111 Cat Show 3rd October 09

LILLY 6th place
2nd judge- Kenji Takano

1st judge-Yaeko Takano

4th judge- Cheryl Pollock

cat boarding home sweet home

Cat Boarding
- Feed your cats.
- with RO water given
- Daily routine things (cleaning).
- Spend time playing with your cats
- Grooming and bathing (upon request)
- Cat litter with clumping sand

- RM 8 per cat/per day with food IAM
- RM 6 per cat/per day w/o food (supply by owner)
- RM 10-15 for bathing (open request)
- RM 10 for basic grooming (kuku and telinga)

Terms & Condition
- Cats must be treated for flea n any virus.
- I will charge RM20 to deflea your cats (spot on)..
- If your cat sick, I will immediately send to the nearest vet. All cost will be charge to owner.
- Owner need to bring their cat’s medical card.
- Deposit RM 50 will be charge for 5 day boarding n above.
-area: kajang,bangi,serdang,srikembangan, putrajaya, cheras, balakong n nearby

I only take 10 cats for boarding weekly

ps: RAYA HAJI n X'MAS boarding is open for booking

plz call 010-5260562-reen @ direct ur booking via email:-reenhannykoma@hotmail.com